Leading applicant:

Onkoloski Institut Ljubljana (SLO)


Tina Žagar (TZagar@onko-i.si); Vesna Zadnik (VZadnik@onko-i.si)


To determine methodologies suitable to perform spatial analysis with cancer data, using breast cancer incidence as an example


  • To establish a group of experts in spatial analysis techniques with routinely collected population based data
  • Organization of meeting/conference calls for the group of experts with the following aims:
    • Determination of the methods suitable for risk analysis of cancer incidence provided by Cancer Registries according to availability of data at different spatial aggregation level, with emphasis on small-area level
    • Identification of open source software(s)
  • As an example, the breast cancer incidence data coming from the interested Cancer Registries are analyzed. In some cases, a comparison of spatial analysis methodologies could be applied. Spatial analysis and first results are discussed with the Cancer Registries personnel for interpretation
  • Based on the report on analyzed breast cancer incidence data, a practical handbook is prepared (including details on data preparation) for Cancer Registries’ personnel and other researchers aiming to promote spatial analysis of Cancer Registry data in general

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