Leading applicant:

Fondazione IRCCS "Istituto Nazionale Tumori", Analytic Epidemiology and Health Impact Unit (INT)


Paolo Baili (lifetable@istitutotumori.mi.it); Camilla Amati (camilla.amati@istitutotumori.mi.it)


Scientific and administrative coordination of the project and connection between partners (associated and collaborating). The actions undertaken to manage the project will be aimed that it will be implemented as planned


  • INT co-ordinates the entire project: the first action is the preparation of the consortium agreement in the early phase of the project
  • A Steering Committee (SC) is created to discuss and establish the pillars of the project. The SC is composed of WP leaders and focus points from the teams in the Associated Partner institutes
  • The first SC meeting in Milan (M1-M2) discusses the detailed activity timeframe for all WPs. Subsequent communications are held via email, phone and other remote connections
  • The second SC meeting (M23-M24) discusses the list of CRs participating CR in the pilot environmental study
  • Any conflicts between partners is discussed and resolved at SC meetings
  • Project information is circulated through the network (associated partners, collaborating partners) by means of periodic emails and newsletters
  • All main documents are made available on the website
  • Deliverables produced by the various WPs are centrally reviewed at INT
  • Interim and final reports to the EC, and main scientific publications, are prepared in collaboration with all other WPs

Deliverables linked to this work package

Milestones to be reached by this WP

  • M1.1 – 1st SC Meeting (M1-M2)
  • M1.2 – 2nd SC Meeting or Web conference (M23-M24)

WP Presentations

Meeting Description File
1st Steering Committee Description of WP activities
1st Steering Committee Application history