Leading applicant:

Universität zu Lübeck (GER)


Alexander Katalinic (Alexander.Katalinic@uksh.de); Ron Pritzkuleit (Ron.Pritzkuleit@uksh.de)


To evaluate how the project implementation follows the plans and the achievement of scientific and administrative aims


  • The leader evaluates if the actions undertaken follows the grant agreement. The action main partner (INT) is responsible for the budget adherence with grant agreement statements
  • WP3 leader with the project Steering Committee consensus can decide on actions to be taken to resolve problems identified during the evaluation
  • The evaluation process involves the following
    • E-mail exchanges to main partner on project progress
    • E-mail exchanges to other WP leaders in relation to process, output and outcome indicators
    • Requests for reports of activities from other associated partners to assess consistency between WP activities
    • Ad hoc conference calls with associated partners and main partner to resolve any problems arising
  • An interim evaluation is included in the interim report and discussed at Steering Committee meetings
  • As representative of the European Cancer registry, WP3 leader constantly checks that activities are in the interest of European Cancer Registries
  • The leader validates the material prepared for Ethical Committees
  • Evaluation results are disseminated within the Steering Committee of the European Network of Cancer Registries and discussed with Steering Committee members once a year (either in occasion of ENCR Steering Committee meetings, ENCR scientific meetings or via telephone conferences)

Deliverables linked to this work package

  • D3.1 – Evaluation financial report at M32 synthesizing the financial choices adopted by the associated partners in connection to the project evaluation activities
  • Other evaluation reports shall be included in the interim and final reports

Milestones to be reached by this WP

  • The 2nd Steering Committee Meeting (included as a WP-1 milestone) is a milestone also for WP3


Type of report Month File
Synthetic report M6
Synthetic report M12
Synthetic report M24
Synthetic report M30
Synthetic report M36
Synthetic report M40